Is Coronavirus or Covid-19 causing you to be overwhelmed by debt?

Has the coronavirus or Covid-19 pushed you into a debt nightmare? Has your income been reduced or gone away completely due to Covid-19? No one seems to have a definite answer of how long this health crisis may last. With social distancing a reality, for the present, are you reluctant to meet in person with a professional who can answer financial questions for you?

I have answers to your financial concerns. I have over 20 years experience as a bankruptcy attorney. I offer free consultations by telephone to answer all your questions. If you decide to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can do 95% of the preparation to file by telephone or email so you don’t have to come into my office unless you choose to do so.

If you would like a free consultation please fill out the form on this website and I will call you so we can discuss your options.

You deserve straight answers and a free consultation.  You should not have to pay to just initially talk to a lawyer who will treat you with respect.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy might be a solution to your problems.  In a chapter 7 you can get rid of garnishment, law suits, phone calls from creditors.  You can get a fresh start and turn your credit around.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get you out of a car or apartment lease, wipe out medical debt, credit card debt, signature loans, payday advances and more.  You can also deal with secured debt such as a car loan or a home mortgage in a bankruptcy.

Filing a bankruptcy is not an easy choice, but it might be the right choice for you.

For a free phone consult call 402-778-4848 and let me answer your questions and explore options that are best for your situation.

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